Changes Ahead at Genealogy Bargains: Time to Do Something Different

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee announces upcoming changes to and related websites including Abundant Genealogy.

Look for major changes in the next few weeks at Genealogy Bargains!

So how many of you have been “cleaning house” during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  Well I’ve cleaned most of my condo, including my office, and now it’s time to clean up my web presence.

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee announces upcoming changes to and related websites including Abundant Genealogy.

How to Solve a Branding Issue

When I began my genealogy business over 10 years ago, I didn’t want one solid brand. I deployed the “unbrand” concept which in my eyes is this: work on “word of mouth” advertising and launch new sub-brands independently.  Once the sub-brand succeeded, it was folded into the “family” of several brands.

What worked in the 2010 period and subsequent years just doesn’t work in 2020. Not only do I need one main page where all content is accessible, I also need to remove duplicate content which is undermining my Google search ranking and other search engines.

All other pages and websites will be reviewed, content moved to, URLs forwarded to ensure access, etc. You’ll still be able to visit; however it will appear as a special section of

What Will Change at Genealogy Bargains

Here’s a list of changes you’ll see over the next few weeks at

  • Eliminate the Genealogy Bargains Daily Update; move to individual product listings that are constantly up-to-date.
  • Streamline the menu and user experience.

What Will Change at My Other Sites and Platforms

As part of reducing duplicate content, reducing workload, and consolidating my social media footprint, here are additional changes:

  • Eliminate Twitter accounts for Abundant Genealogy and DNA Bargains
  • Rebrand Pinterest account to Genealogy Bargains and reorganize content
  • Delete DNA Bargains, Abundant Genealogy, and other Facebook pages.
  • Delete Smarter Genealogy Facebook group; the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook group will remain as is.

Members and followers of each social media platform will be encouraged to follow the Genealogy Bargains social media platforms. Content will be consolidate to the Genealogy Bargains page.

Timeline for Change

Well, you know how you have the best intentions … I really think I can get this done in just a few weeks. Start to see changes starting 1 July 2020 and continuing throughout the month of July.

Your feedback and input are always welcome, especially when it comes to accessibility and ease of use at the website. Contact me at with your input.

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