Finding Your Roots Season 6 Resumes This Fall on PBS!

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Henry Louis Gates, Jr. returns to Finding Your Roots on PBS in October with New Episodes and New Celebrities!

New episodes of Finding Your Roots are back Tuesday, October 13, at 8/7c! Check out the guests who will be joining Henry Louis Gates, Jr. next to uncover their family histories.

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Watch Finding Your Roots Online

Although it has not been confirmed for all episodes of Season 6, in the past seasons each episode was made available for FREE on the PBS website the following day for viewing. Stay tuned here at Genealogy Bargains for more information.

Finding Your Roots Season 6 Schedule

  • Episode 11: Fashion’s Roots with Diane von Furstenberg, Narciso Rodriguez, and RuPaul Charles
    Tuesday, Oct 13, 2020
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. steps into the world of fashion and meets three icons of style — Diane Von Furstenberg, Narciso Rodriguez, and RuPaul Charles — introducing ancestors who were just as audacious as they are.
  • Episode 12: DNA Mysteries with Téa Leoni, and Joe Madison
    Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. uses DNA detective work to solve mysteries in the family trees of actor Téa Leoni, and radio host Joe Madison, introducing each of them to parents and grandparents whose names they’ve never heard before.
  • Episode 13: War Stories with Kehinde Wiley, Julianne Moore, and Bill Hader
    Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the roots of actor Julianne Moore, comedian Bill Hader, and painter Kehinde Wiley, revealing how their ancestors’ military service left an indelible mark both on their families and on their country.
  • Episode 14: Flight with Lupita Nyong’o, Lidia Bastianich, and Scarlett Johansson
    Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. meets actors Scarlett Johansson and Lupita Nyong’o, and chef Lidia Bastianich — three women whose families crisscrossed the globe to escape oppression and find opportunity, leaving them with questions about their relatives who stayed behind.
  • Episode 15: Breaking Silences with Gayle King, Jordan Peele, and Issa Rae
    Tuesday, Jan 5, 2021
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the family secrets of journalist Gayle King, film director Jordan Peele, and comedian Issa Rae, introducing them to ancestors who raise profound questions about the shape and meaning of their family trees.
  • Episode 16: Coming to America with Nancy Pelosi, Norah O’Donnell, and Zac Posen
    Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. helps Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, news anchor Norah O’Donnell and fashion designer Zac Posen explore their immigrant roots, retracing the journeys of their ancestors who arrived in the United States with little more than a dream–and revealing why that dream is still so inspiring today.

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