FREE DOWNLOAD 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Genealogy!


Ever get stuck with your family history research? FREE DOWNLOAD 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Genealogy 

I was just in a rut yesterday when it came to writing and genealogy research. Ever have a day when you just can’t seem to get in the groove? You’re not productive, you can’t focus, and you worry about what isn’t getting done.

I do the same thing especially with genealogy research. When I’m working on researching an ancestor or a family group, sometimes I just get bored. I want something exciting to find … a secret side family? A crime or misdemeanor?

So how do you “spice things up” when it comes to genealogy? Do you just switch to another ancestor or family line? Do you do “cleanup work” like fix source citations? Or do you watch a webinar or do some genealogy educational reading?

Ever get stuck with your family history research? FREE DOWNLOAD 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Genealogy by Thomas MacEntee

I’ve developed a 7-page guide entitled 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Genealogy with innovative ways to get out of that rut! “Whether stuck in a rut with genealogy research for the past year or just wanting to expand the ways in which family history can be pursued, follow these 10 touchstones and you’ll be surprised at the results. Covering every aspect of genealogy and even those you never considered, your genealogy research will not just jump, it’ll leap!”

To access 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Genealogy click below or click HERE and make sure you share it with your fellow genealogists and family historians!

Ever get stuck with your family history research? FREE DOWNLOAD 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Genealogy by Thomas MacEntee at!

Don’t beat yourself up over the fact that you’ve been unproductive or bored with your genealogy. Enjoy the free download and if possible, let me know if you have a trick or a tip to get out of a “genealogy rut”! Click HERE and let me know over at the Genealogy Bargains Facebook page!

Why is this FREE? What’s the Catch?

There really isn’t a catch.  I give away a lot of free content every year because I want fellow genealogists and family historians to have access to the best tools and information for their research. I also do this because I’m hoping you might be interested in my other content and websites where I do make money such as Genealogy Bargains:

Even if you never use one of my links for a purchase, I’m happy knowing that you are able to get educational content that you can put into action for your family history research!

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