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Get Your FREE E-BOOK Preserve Your Family Pictures: How To Save Photo Heirlooms for Future Generations

Do you value your family pictures and photographs? Then, this is a must-read guide for you! Don’t risk losing forever these irreplaceable treasures. Our family pictures are priceless, a visual record of memories and loved ones. They deserve and require special care to guarantee they will still be around to pass on to the next generation. Many who enjoy family genealogy also have amazing collections of vintage family photos that need extra care in order to preserve them. Learn how to take the practical steps to protect your family photos, both the physical prints, and digital formats. Ensure that your treasures will survive and you don’t face the tragic loss of these pictures. Download your copy now.

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IMPORTANT! The price should appear as $0.00 and click like you are going to BUY this book – DO NOT CLICK THE READ FOR FREE BUTTON! You will get signed up for the Kindle Unlimited program . . . with a fee!

International Access to Preserve Your Family Pictures

Readers in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries can access the free Amazon Kindle version of Preserve Your Family Pictures as well.  Here are some convenient links for those readers in specific countries:

How Do Free Kindle E-books Work?

The easiest way to get your copy of Preserve Your Family Pictures is to click the link or image above. Or if you search on Amazon for the book, you’ll see either Add to Cart or Buy now with 1-Click® . . . just click either of those buttons.

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Whatever you do, please DO NOT CLICK the “Read for free” button! This will sign you up for Amazon Kindle Unlimited and you’ll receive emails and . . . well it is just a mess!

But I Don’t Have a Kindle Device! Read On . . .

Did you know that Amazon provides a FREE Kindle App that you can install on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or most any smart device? Click HERE to download the app . . . and don’t worry, the app is “responsive” which means it will know which version you need!

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I have the Kindle App on my iPad and it works just like a Kindle device! I can change the font size, the word space and the lighting as well.

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