Free Family History Library Classes and Webinars for July 2017

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[Editor’s Note: we received the following announcement from our friends at FamilySearch regarding their free classes and webinars coming up in July. Please take advantage of this great opportunity!]

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (June 28, 2017),  The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, has announced its free family history classes and webinars for July 2017. Participants can attend in person or online. Many of the July classes teach beginners how to research using historic records in various countries and languages. See the table below for the full schedule of offerings. Mark your calendars for events you want to join so you don’t forget. Easily find and share this announcement online in the FamilySearch Newsroom.

Online classes are noted on the schedule as webinars. Webinar attendees need to click the link next to the class title at the scheduled date and time to attend the class online (no preregistration). Those attending in person simply go to the room noted in the Library. Invite your family, friends, and colleagues. All class times are in mountain standard time (MST).

If you are unable to attend a class in person or online, most sessions are recorded and can be viewed later online at your convenience. To access these, go to the archive for Family History Library classes and webinars.



Sat, 1 July,1:00 PM ¡¡¡En sus marcas, listos, AHORA!!! (Beginner) Webinar | B1 Lab
Mon, 3 July,10:00 AM Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively  (Beginner) Webinar | MF Lab
Wed, 5 July,11:00 AM Ask Your United States Research Question  (Beginner) Webinar | MF-B
Thur, 6 July,10:00 AM Searching for Place Name Information in the Online MeyersGerman Gazetteer (Beginner) WebinarMF Lab
Thur, 6-Jul,11:00 AM Calendar Changes in German, Dutch, and French Research(Intermediate) WebinarMF Lab
Thur, 6 July,1:00 PM British Case Study and Your British Research Questions Answered(Beginner) Webinar | B2 Lab
Mon, 10 July,10:00 AM Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (Beginner) Webinar | MF Lab
Tue, 11 July,11:00 AM Tips and Tricks for Using FamilySearch’s Historical Records(Intermediate) WebinarMF Lab
Tue, 11 July,1:00 PM Irish Research: Importance and Use of Census Substitutes!(Intermediate) WebinarB2 Lab
Tue, 11 July,3:00 PM FamilySearch Wiki: Denmark, Norway, Sweden (Beginner) Webinar | MF-B
Wed, 12 July,10:00 AM Indexing Reviewer Training Class (English language) (1½ hrs)(Beginner) Webinar | MF-Lab
Wed, 12 July,11:00 AM Introduction to Chinese Genealogy (Chinese Speaking) (Beginner) Webinar | B1 Lab
Wed, 12 July,1:00 PM Tracing British Ancestry at (Beginner) Webinar | B2 Lab
Wed, 12 July,6:30 PM Indexing Reviewer Training Class (English language)  (1½ hrs)(Beginner) Webinar | B1 Lab
Thur, 13 July,11:00 AM United States Naturalization Records (Beginner) Webinar | MF-B
Sat, 15 July,1:00 PM Recursos genealógicos de Chile (Beginner) Webinar | B1 Lab
Mon, 17 July,10:00 AM Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (Beginner) Webinar | MF Lab
Mon, 17 July,1:00 PM The Joy of Ancestral Discoveries Before England’s Civil Registration Using (Beginner) Webinar | B2 Lab
Tue, 18 July,1:00 PM Starting Family Tree: Open Questions & Answers (Beginner) WebinarMF-C
Thur, 20 July,1:00 PM Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry via Webinar | B2 Lab
Tue, 25 July,11:00 AM Danish Tax Records (Intermediate) WebinarMF-B
Thur, 27 July,11:00 AM Planning and Implementing a Research Trip (Beginner) Webinar | MF-B
Mon, 31 July,10:00 AM Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (Beginner) Webinar | MF Lab

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