FREE Genealogy Research Checklist from Abundant Genealogy

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“Mind the Gap” in Your Family History Research with a Genealogy Research Checklist!

I’ll admit that even after 40 years of doing genealogy research, I can often forget about a record set, especially one that I don’t use very often. So I’ve developed a basic and somewhat comprehensive Genealogy Research Checklist that you can download for FREE using the links below.

  • Genealogy Research Checklist Microsoft Word format – CLICK HERE
  • Genealogy Research Checklist PDF format – CLICK HERE
  • Genealogy Research Checklist Microsoft Excel format – CLICK HERE

How to Use the Genealogy Research Checklist

  • There are three different formats available – Microsoft Word, PDF, and Microsoft Excel. Use the version that works best for you.
  • Feel free to customize the base checklist BEFORE you start using it as a template.
  • For the Excel version, consider adding additional worksheet tabs that track specific record sets. Example: one for New York State records, one for German records. Base the new worksheets on your genealogy research needs.
  • For the PDF version, download the checklist and use the latest version of Adobe Reader. Then click Fill & Sign and use the Checkbox function to mark the applicable record sets.
  • Use one checklist per ancestor you are researching; then sort by the Applicable column (for Word and Excel versions) to show the record sets to track.
  • Do not remove record sets – you never know when you might want to go back and do further research based on new information!

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