FREE Marriage Record Access at MyHeritage – Love Is In The Air!

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Get FREE ACCESS to Marriage Records at MyHeritage – No Account or Subscription Needed!

Do you know the love stories of your ancestors? How did your great-grandparents meet and get to know each other? In honor of Valentine’s Day, MyHeritage is providing free access to love-related records in its massive historical records collection during February 10-17.

“Do you know the love stories of your ancestors? How did your great-grandparents meet and get to know each other? In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re providing free access to love-related records in our massive historical records collection during February 10-17. No Data subscription is required so you may search all U.S. states, European and worldwide collections for your ancestors’ marriage records! Marriage records are an important genealogical record as they not only include information about the bride, the groom, and their residence when the marriage occurred but often contain additional information such as birth dates, birthplaces, occupations, as well as religious affiliations. Often a marriage license will also contain information about the parents of the bride and groom including their names and birthplaces. Each state and country has different requirements for that information so different records have varying data.”

Marriage and Divorce Records on MyHeritage

There are over 400 MILLION marriage and divorce records available for free access at MyHeritage? Here is a current listing of all the records available:

Alabama, Marriages, 1816-1957
3,079,385 records

Argentina, Marriages, 1722-1911
630,049 records

Arizona, Marriages, 1888-1908
152,835 records

Australia, Marriages, 1810-1980
433,908 records

Australia, Victoria Marriage Index, 1837-1942
1,695,063 records

Austria, Marriages, 1722-1898
106,837 records

Barbados Marriages, 1854-1879
48,117 records

Belgium, Marriages, 1563-1890
265,397 records

Bolivia, Marriages, 1630-1940
1,328,617 records

Brazil, Marriages, 1730-1955
2,085,933 records

California, County Marriages, 1850-1952
9,089,084 records

California, Marriages, 1850-1945
92,142 records

California, Marriages, 1960 – 1985
7,966,994 records

Caribbean, Marriages, 1591-1905
198,017 records

Chile, Marriages, 1579-1930
1,961,546 records

Colombia, Marriages, 1750-1960
354,617 records

Colorado, Divorces, 1878 – 2004
1,417,099 records

Colorado, Marriages, 1975 – 2004
2,090,120 records

Connecticut, Marriages, 1966-2002
1,787,280 records

Costa Rica, Marriage and Related Records Index, 2011-2015
178,014 records

Costa Rica, Marriages, 1750-1920
244,914 records

Czech Republic, Marriages, 1654-1889
26,013 records

Denmark Civil Marriages, 1851-1961
199,500 records

Denmark, Marriages, 1635-1916
3,656,112 records

Diocese of Dublin Marriages, 1634 – 1858
83,677 records

District of Columbia, Marriages, 1830-1921
481,201 records

Dominican Republic, Marriages, 1743-1929
170,980 records

Ecuador, Marriages, 1680-1930
583,734 records

El Salvador, Marriages, 1810-1930
111,831 records

England & Wales, Marriage Index, 1837-2005
95,986,918 records

England Marriages, 1538-1973
38,557,542 records

Finland, Marriages, 1682-1892
1,234,560 records

Florida, Divorces, 1970 – 1999
4,299,481 records

Florida, Marriages, 1970 – 1999
7,109,144 records

Germany, Marriages, 1558-1929
28,528,197 records

Great Britain Marriages, 1797-1988
34,847 records

Guatemala, Marriages, 1750-1930
492,558 records

Honduras, Marriages, 1800-1910
95,001 records

Iceland, Marriages, 1770-1920
85,828 records

Idaho, County Marriages, 1864-1950
295,639 records

Idaho, Marriages, 1878-1898; 1903-1942
211,069 records

Illinois Marriages, 1763 – 1900
2,586,457 records

India, Marriages, 1792-1948
394,964 records

Indiana, Marriages, 1780-1992
3,936,328 records

Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959
8,084,173 records

Iowa, Marriages, 1809-1992
5,022,115 records

Iowa, Marriages, 1836 – 1926
490,196 records

Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898
1,473,257 records

Isle of Man, Marriages, 1849-1911
104,305 records

Italy, Marriages, 1809-1900
2,120,283 records

Kentucky Marriages, 1960 – 1993
1,558,962 records

Leicestershire Parish, Marriage Records
318,655 records

Maine Marriages, 1892 – 1966
1,714,151 records

Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841-1915
8,867,775 records

Mexico, Marriages, 1570-1950
21,176,826 records

Minnesota, Divorces, 1970 – 2003
970,325 records

Minnesota, Marriages, 1976 – 2003
1,883,310 records

Montana, County Marriages, 1865-1950
1,935,206 records

Montana, Marriages, 1889-1947
109,564 records

Netherlands, Church Marriages, 1580-1811
4,119,666 records

Netherlands, Civil Marriages, 1811-1940
19,939,976 records

Netherlands, Leiden Marriage Banns, 1575-1811
267,833 records

Netherlands, Leiden Marriages, 1811-1935
338,169 records

Netherlands, Marriages, 1565-1892
1,419,567 records

Netherlands, Tilburg Marriage Banns, 1575-1811
79,192 records

Netherlands, Tilburg Marriages, 1811-1938
432,107 records

Nevada, Divorces, 1968 – 2000
797,800 records

Nevada, Marriages, 1968 – 1999
6,613,253 records

New Jersey Marriage License Index, 1901-1914
769,976 records

New Jersey Marriage License Index, 1915-2016
11,368,612 records

New York City Marriage License Index 1908-1972
9,516,706 records

New York City Marriages, 1950-2017
9,515,312 records

Norway, Marriages, 1660-1926
4,934,827 records

Ohio, Marriages, 1970 – 2003
6,190,792 records

Panama, Marriages, 1800-1950
157,298 records

Paraguay, Marriages, 1800-1900
59,139 records

Peru, Marriages, 1600-1940
1,721,420 records

Philippines, Marriages, 1723-1957
4,581,833 records

Portugal, Marriages, 1670-1910
311,601 records

Rotterdam, Netherlands, Marriage Index, 1811-1935
1,414,849 records

Russia, Marriages, 1793-1919
74,662 records

Scotland, Marriages, 1561-1910
4,281,188 records

Spain, Marriages, 1565-1950
8,303,137 records

Spain, Province of Granada, Catholic Pre-Marriage Investigation Files, 1556-1899
913,854 records

Sweden, Marriages, 1630-1920
2,363,852 records

Switzerland, Marriages, 1532-1910
670,517 records

Texas Marriages and Divorces
22,743,725 records

Texas, County Marriage Index, 1837-1977
733,431 records

UK Marriage List, 1655 – 1992
28,934 records

United States Marriages, 1733-1990
27,375 records

Uruguay, Marriages, 1840-1900
68,603 records

Utah, County Marriages, 1887-1937
1,121,891 records

Utah, Marriages, 1887 – 1999
887,957 records

Utah, Marriages, 1887-1966
698,084 records

Virginia, Marriages, 1785-1940
6,098,483 records

Wales Marriages, 1541-1900
79,537 records

Washington, County Marriages, 1855-2008
165,358 records

West Virginia, Marriages, 1931 – 1970
57,526 records

World Miscellaneous Marriages, 1662-1945
66,852 records

Wyoming, Marriages, 1877-1920
28,086 records

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