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GEDMatch & Combining DNA and Non-DNA Evidence Digital Download Now Available

The GEDMatch & Combining DNA and Non-DNA Evidence digital download with DNA expert Mary Eberle is now available at Hack Genealogy.

GEDMatch & Combining DNA and Non-DNA Evidence Digital Download


You’ve probably heard quite a bit about the FREE program GEDmatch in the news over the past year: GEDmatch has figured prominently in many high-profile criminal “cold cases” that have been solved using DNA. What you may not know is that at its core, GEDmatch was set up to help genealogists. It has various functions all focused on getting better matches using your uploaded DNA test results. It also provides tools for analyzing your DNA matches. In the GEDMatch & Combining DNA and Non-DNA Evidence boot camp you will spend time walking you through all the major functions of GEDmatch so you can get started with your own DNA data to chase down new matches and analyze them.

Sometimes DNA evidence uncovers a family mystery. DNA evidence, along with paper records and family lore, shed light on this mystery. In the second half of this boot camp, Mary Eberle will demonstrate through the use of an amazing case study, how genealogists and family historians need to combine both DNA and non-DNA evidence to solve some cases.

If you’re ready, then GEDMatch & Combining DNA and Non-DNA Evidence digital download is for you! Join DNA expert Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters for over 3 hours of recorded webinars PLUS some amazing handouts!

  • GEDMatch – Powerful Tools for Analyzing DNA Results and Finding New DNA Matches: GEDMatch is a free, third-party website offering additional tools to interpret your DNA results. Tools include a chromosome browser. GEDMatch accepts DNA test results from DNA testing companies, such as Ancestry, FTDNA, and 23andMe. It can be a great way to find new matches. Learn how to use this helpful website.
  • Case Study:  Combining DNA and Non-DNA Evidence: This case study shows the importance of combining DNA and non-DNA evidence to solve an unexpected genealogy mystery. With an extensive tree in hand, it might seem that DNA would only help fill in gaps and breakdown brick walls. However, DNA helped in “pruning” an entire branch of the client’s tree and uncovered a mystery.  DNA (along with census records, family stories, and even a pony!) and helped reconstruct the pruned branch.

Here’s What You Get . . .

With this digital download, you get both recorded webinars totaling almost 3 hours of genealogy education, and 10 pages of handouts! Regularly $25.99, SPECIAL LOW PRICE of $19.99* now through November 30th!

Recorded November 17, 2018

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