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Our Tips on Saving Money at Ancestry from Genealogy Bargains!

While Ancestry has some of the best resources for genealogy and family history research, Ancestry can be expensive! Genealogy Bargains has some tips on how to save money when buying Ancestry PLUS we've got the latest promo codes and coupons!

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  • Holidays Mean Free Access at Ancestry. If you do not have a membership to a subscription at Ancestry, look for “free days” around specific holidays. Very often, the week before Memorial Day or Veterans Day will allow you to access military records. Labor Day offers access to free occupational records. Sign up for a site’s e-mail alerts to stay on top of the latest offers.
  • Cycle On and Cycle Off. A common technique many genealogists use to save money is to purchase a short-term subscription at Ancestry. Instead of signing up and paying for a year, get a six month membership. Once the membership has expired, take a break and then use other websites for research. Maintain a research log “wish list” of records you want to access or find, and then sign up for that genealogy website again. Get to work locating what you need, then drop off again for a few months.

Current Deals on Ancestry

These are the best deals available on the Internet right now for Ancestry:

Ancestry has a great sale going on NOW thru Jan 7th - for NEW MEMBERS, get up to 50% off on a membership at! Take your AncestryDNA test results to the next level with this amazing offer.

Save 50% or more on 6-month subscriptions at Ancestry! This offer is for NEW MEMBERS only, but you can save 50% on the US and World 6-month subscriptions!

  • US Discovery 6-month subscription, regularly $99 USD, you pay just $49 USD. Click HERE to get started!
  • World Explorer 6-month subscription, regularly $149 USD, you pay just $74 USD. Click HERE to get started!
  • All Access 6-month subscription, regularly $199 USD, you pay just $99 USD. Click HERE to get started!

Current Ancestry Subscribers – Ways to Save

The offers above are ONLY for NEW SUBSCRIBERS. So what do you do if you are a current customer? Here are some suggested ways to save:

Save 30% with your AARP membership! That's right, you can get a World Subscription for 30% off. This is a ONE TIME ONLY offer and you should only use this when you are close to your renewal date.

  • Save 30% with your AARP membership! That’s right, you can get a World Subscription for 30% off. This is a ONE TIME ONLY offer and you should only use this when you are close to your renewal date. Click HERE and then CALL the number listed about one week prior to your renewal date.
  • Cancel and Wait up to 92 Days. Now that’s a weird number right? Not really . . . here at Genealogy Bargains we make it a habit to study Ancestry’s marketing practices.  Once you cancel, you will receive email offers to re-subscribe. Wait until at least 91 days after your cancellation date. Why? Then you can qualify as a “new subscriber” and get the best deals. Keep in mind that you may need to then call Ancestry and have them link your old tree etc.
  • Call Ancestry and ask for a discount. One of the best ways to get a discount on your renewal is to CALL Ancestry (click HERE for a list of phone numbers) when it is close to your renewal date. Tell them you are considering cancelling your subscription. See what kind of offer they make – we’ve heard reports of up to 60% off in order to get Ancestry customers to keep their subscription active.

AncestryDNA Coupons and Promo Codes

Get the latest information on AncestryDNA PLUS coupons and promo codes at DNA Bargains!

Another way to make amazing progress with your own genealogy and family history research is to take a DNA test using AncestryDNA.  Click HERE to access the latest information at DNA Bargains and to save money plus get FREE SHIPPING on AncestryDNA!


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