ONE DAY ONLY! Save Up to 64% on Legacy Box Photo and Film Digitization

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SPECIAL PRICE CUT on Legacy Box at Groupon – Expires TODAY!

Save up to 64% on Legacybox “Forever Made Simple” – now this is a deal! You’ve seen the ads on Facebook advertising the Legacy Box Starter kit for $111 and they’ll scan everything you can fit in the box they send you. “Just fill Legacybox with your tapes, film, pictures, and audio. Send it in and we’ll send it back with your memories preserved on dvds and optional thumb drive.” Well, you can get that same deal for just $40 via Groupon.

Get the Legacybox Starter Kit - normally $74.95 for just $28 right now at Groupon! "The Starter Box includes three video tapes, three film reels, or 75 photos. The Family Box includes 10 video tapes, 10 film reels, or 250 photos. The Collection Box includes 15 video tapes, 15 film reels, or 375 photos. The Closet Box includes 20 video tapes, 20 film reels, or 500 photos. The Trunk Box includes 40 video tapes, 40 film reels, or 1,000 photos."

There are also three other options available – all with huge savings – allowing you to scan even more photos, documents and movies:

  • $40 for a Starter Legacy Box –  Three tapes, three films, or three sets of 25 picture ($111 value)
  • $110 for a Family Legacy Box – 10 tapes, 10 films, or 10 sets of 25 pictures, or a mix of 10 of these three formats ($299 value)
  • $215 for a Closet Legacy Box –  20 tapes, 20 films, 20 sets of 25 pictures, or a mix of 20 of any of the three formats ($549 value)
  • $425 USD for a Trunk Legacy Box – up to 40 tapes or 40 films, or 40 sets of 25 pictures ($1,059 value)

ACT FAST! This is a short-term offer and the sale is valid TODAY ONLY Sunday, February 24th! Remember, you don’t need to send in your items right away – you have 90 days from date of purchase to redeem this voucher! Click HERE to shop – via Groupon.


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