10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Genealogy

10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Genealogy

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Length: 60 minutes

Summary: In this session attendees will learn how to energize their genealogy research and will be ready to hit the ground running .

Description:  Whether stuck in a rut with genealogy research for the past year or just wanting to expand the ways in which family history can be pursued, follow these 10 touchstones and you’ll be surprised at the results. Covering every aspect of genealogy and even those you never considered, your genealogy research will not just jump, it’ll leap!

Audience Level: Beginner

Requirements: Projection for laptop/netbook computer on large screen; internet connection – wired or wireless (preferred in order to show live websites and resources).

Content: 10 page handout


  • Why and How Do We Get Stuck?
  • The 10 Ways
    • Goal Setting
    • Embracing Change
    • Networking
    • Education
    • Advice
    • Limits
    • Organization
    • Get Out!
    • You
    • !
  • What Does It Spell?
  • Links

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