After You’re Gone: Future Proofing Your Genealogy Research


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Length: 60 minutes (flexible)

Summary: Have you ever considered what will happen to your years of genealogy research once you’re gone? Learn how to ensure that your hard work carries on.

Description: Through a combination of planning, common sense, and new technologies, we’ll review how to create an action plan for preserving your genealogy research.

Audience Level: Beginner.

Content: 4 pages.


  • The Perils of Inaction: Lost Genealogy
  • Basic Planning and Data Successorship
  • Working with Societies, Libraries and Archives
  • Technology to the Rescue
  • Best Practices for Genealogy Future Proofing

©2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee


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  1. Carla Stancil

    25 May 2020 11:18 am

    Hi Thomas – I’m President of the Wake County Genealogical Society in NC. Would you be willing to present to our virtual meeting on Dec 2? We usually start the presentation at 6:30pm ET. I’m interested in your presentation “After you’re gone: Future Proofing your Genealogical Research. I understand your fee is $100, is that correct? Warm regards,


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