Mapping Your Genealogy: From A to Z and In-Between

Mapping Your Genealogy: From A to Z and In-Between

Summary Details

Length: 60 minutes

Summary: Maps have been around as long as man needed to remember specific locations. For genealogists, maps are more than just a statement of place: they contain valuable clues for research.

Description: Learn the basics of maps and the valuable information they contain for genealogy research. You’ll also discover various resources for maps, both online and offline as well as how to incorporate maps in your research.

Audience Level: Beginner.

Content: 4 pages.


  • Why Maps Fascinate Genealogists
  • Map Information for Genealogy Research
  • Online and Offline Historic Map Resources
  • How To Incorporate Maps in Your Research
  • Creative Ways to Share Genealogy Using Maps
  • Resource List

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