Utilizing Social Networks for Genealogy Research

Utilizing Social Networks for Genealogy Research

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Length: 60 minutes

Summary: Thousands of genealogists and family historians have discovered new ways to expand and improve their genealogy endeavors using social networking, also called social media networking. Learn the basics of blogging, Twitter, Facebook, wikis and more in an easy-to-follow session that cuts through all the hype and the lingo.

Description: Did you know that the over 55 crowd is the fastest growing group of Facebook users? Did you know that Twitter is not the domain of the much younger “texting” crowd but is used by an older more savvy group of people? Did you ever wonder how and if these programs, along with others such as blogs and wikis, can be used to help genealogists? Wonder no more as we explore what makes up the oft-mystifying term “social networking” and how each program is currently being used by genealogists and family historians of all ages.

Audience Level: Beginner

Requirements: Projection for laptop/netbook computer on large screen; internet connection – wired or wireless (preferred in order to show live websites and resources).

Content: 4 page handout


  • What Is Social Networking?
  • Methods of Social Networking
  • Examples of Social Networking Sites
  • Benefits of Social Networking for Genealogists
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking
  • Glossary
  • Links

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