What’s Been Done: Using Someone Else’s Genealogy Research

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee provides advice on how to incorporate another researcher's work into your own family history research.

Summary Details

Length: 60 minutes

Summary: Whether you are new to genealogy or you’ve been working on your family history for years, incorporating the research of others can always be tricky. Here’s how to develop a proven strategy to benefit from the work of other genealogists.

Description: Many of us as genealogists have inherited research from a relative and we are not always sure whether the content is reliable? What’s the best way to incorporate the research of others into your own research without leading to dead ends, road blocks and unnecessary detours? Here’s a road map on the best way to handle “outside research” and benefit from it as you combine the content with your own research.

Audience Level: Beginner.

Content: 4 pages.


  • The “Outside Research” Problem
  • Inherited Research Action Plan
  • Evaluating Research Content: A Step-by-Step Approach
  • Working with Other Researchers
  • Tips and Tricks for Incorporating Research
  • Resource List

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