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Are you in the market for a new printer? Do you know how to select the best printer for your genealogy and family history research? Amazon has the BEST deals on printers with FREE SHIPPING and a liberal return policy (meaning NO RESTOCKING FEES!) Check out the latest deals at Genealogy Bargains!

What is the BEST PRINTER for Genealogy and Family History Research?

Just as each genealogist has different research habits and we each work differently, we will have different needs and preferences in terms of printers. Here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting a printer for your genealogy and family history research:

  • Printing Volume: Review your typical printing volume over the past year. Select a laser jet printer for high volume vs. inkjet for low volume.
  • Color vs. B&W: Again, what type of documents did you print over the past year? If you print photos and images, a color inkjet printer would be a better choice. Or, consider outsourcing your color printing to FedEx Office, Staples or other brick and mortar vendor if you mainly print in black and white.
  • Ink and Ink Cost: Calculate how much ink you would use in a year (most printer descriptions online will provide a price per page cost). Certain printer models can be very expensive in the long run due to ink cartridge costs. Also, beware of low cost ink cartridges or refills! Often, using anything but the manufacturer’s recommended ink cartridges will violate your printer warranty.
  • Printer Type: Laser jet, ink jet, portable? Again, consider the factors above and your specific printer needs.
  • Wireless vs. Dedicated: Wireless printers have become more popular – make sure your wireless network can handle this type of printer.
  • Check Vendor Policies: Amazon has one of the BEST return policies and free shipping for orders over $35 USD. Many vendors such as Best Buy will charge a 10-15% restocking fee for returns. Read the return policies before you buy!
  • Check the Ratings: Make sure that the printer has high ratings and that the rating system is reliable! Some manufacturers will “buy” Amazon reviews! Check the reviews at CNET ( for reliable review information.
  • How Old is Your Current Printer?: Many older printers will no longer work with Windows 10, so it may be time to upgrade. Also, the older the printer, the more expensive repairs and even ink cartridges.

Also check out the article Fit to Print from Family Tree Magazine – a buyer’s guide to printing solutions for genealogy and family history. Click HERE to access!

Printer Deals at Amazon

As we mentioned above, Amazon has some of the BEST prices on printers and a liberal return policy. Here are the latest deals via Amazon:



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