Save 20% on The Night the Stars Fell: How Oral History Led Me to My Ancestor!

Save 20% on The Night the Stars Fell: How Oral History Led Me to My Ancestor!

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Save 20% on The Night the Stars Fell: How Oral History Led Me to My Ancestor! “When it comes to African-American genealogy research, there are ways to overcome the brick walls that make finding your ancestors difficult. In this course, you’ll learn essential techniques for finding your African-American ancestors through two presentations by Angela Walton-Raji. In the live webinar, the presenter will demonstrate the steps and methodology she used to find her enslaved ancestor, Amanda Young based on oral history. Using the tale of The Night the Stars Fell, the oral history told to her by a relative, Angela Walton-Raji will show how using the event of a meteor shower in 1833 helped her determine the approximate date of birth of her ancestor and led to finding Amanda and her husband in historical records.”

This amazing class starts February 12th with a live presentation by genealogy expert Angela Walton-Raji on February 14th.

Who Should Purchase This Course

You’ll love Night the Stars Fell: How Oral History Led Me to My Ancestor if …

  • You have family stories that you want to investigate
  • You’re looking for clues and ideas for finding your elusive African-American ancestors
  • You want to see practical demonstrations of using research clues, step-by-step
  • You’re interested in learning how to trace enslaved ancestors
  • You want essential resources and strategies for tracing your African-American family history

In this course, you’ll get access to not one, but two hour-long presentations on finding your African-American ancestors for the price of one!

What You’ll Learn

Night the Stars Fell: How Oral History Led Me to My Ancestor features:

  • a case study showing how to use oral history to begin searching for an ancestor
  • step-by-step demonstration showing the resources and methods used to research
  • how historical events can offer clues and shape the narrative of your ancestors’ lives
  • research techniques for finding enslaved ancestors in early 1800s
    essential resources and techniques for finding African-American ancestors

How it Works

In this course, you’ll get two 60-minute presentations: one recorded webinar and access to a live webinar on February 14th at 7pm ET. Log in to your course to watch and download the video, African-American Genealogy Research Essentials, and register for the live webinar. You’ll have a chance to ask questions of your presenter, Angela Walton-Raji at the end of the live presentation.

Can’t make the live webinar? You don’t have to miss a thing! We’ll record the live presentation and upload it to the course materials so you can download and revisit it whenever you want. You’ll have access to the course materials for a year after the live event airs, so you’ll have plenty of time to get the materials and download them to your desktop.

About Your Presenter – Angela Walton-Raji

Angela Walton-Raji is founding member of and specializes in information for beginners via daily and weekly online genealogy chats. An experienced genealogist, she shares her expertise through multiple channels, including three blogs and websites, video presentations, and through The African Roots Podcast.

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