Save 30%! Finding Birth Families Using DNA Digital Download

Save 30% on the Finding Birth Families Using DNA digital download with DNA expert Mary Eberle - includes an amazing adoption case study!

Finding Birth Families Using DNA! Learn the process used to solve adoption mysteries with our New Digital Download!

On October 19, 2019, attendees learned the secrets to determining birth parents using DNA data and tools. Now through October 31st, you can save 30% on the digital download of this amazing online DNA Boot Camp! Regularly $25.99, for just $19.99 you’ll get access to 3 hours of recorded webinars, and over 10 pages of handouts!


Adoption and unknown (or mis-attributed) parentage events—whether recent or in the past—can challenge genealogists. DNA can be a powerful tool for finding birth families. The first webinar will cover techniques and resources for this work. The second webinar will explore two case studies.

This online education event is intended for people searching for their own biological parents and those with parents or ancestors who were adopted or otherwise have unknown parents. Join DNA expert Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters for over 3 hours of webinars PLUS some amazing handouts!

Finding Birth Families Using DNA Boot Camp Topics

  • Using DNA for Adoption & Unknown Parentage Work: Every day, adoptees and others with unknown parents, such as foundlings and donor-conceived individuals find their birth families with DNA testing. To start, cousins are typically found through DNA testing. From this, the cousins’ family trees are examined for ancestors shared by multiple cousins. Family trees of the shared ancestors are built forward in time with the goal of finding the birth parent, grandparent, or other person of interest.
  • Adoption & Unknown Parentage Case Studies: This webinar describes two case studies of using DNA to find birth parents. Learn the steps required for each case.

Recorded October 19, 2019

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