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Save 50% at MyHeritage and Watch Your Family History BLOSSOM!

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Is your current genealogy membership worth the money? Snag this EXCLUSIVE 50% off deal on MyHeritage Complete!

A PERSONAL NOTE: I’ve been using MyHeritage more and more since the pandemic and making real progress on my own genealogy research. I KNOW for a fact that I need to use more than one genealogy subscription site … I like being able to “fish in many ponds” and get the information I need on my ancestors!

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Dear Genealogy Bargains readers,  
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We’re excited to share an exclusive offer for Genealogy Bargains readers: 50% off the ultimate subscription to MyHeritage, valid through 04/19/2021.

Get 50% off the MyHeritage Complete plan


MyHeritage is an industry-leading platform that makes family history research easy and offers you some of the most advanced tools on the market to make fascinating discoveries about your ancestors. They’re constantly developing new features and adding historical records to help you break through those brick walls.

The Complete plan gives you full access to all
MyHeritage advanced features, including:

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Unlimited photo colorization using MyHeritage In Color™
Unlimited animation of family photos with Deep Nostalgia™

image 2 1594293078
Instant Discoveries, which can add an
entire branch to your family tree with 1 click

image 3 1594293111
Consistency Checker, which automatically
identifies inaccuracies in your tree

image 4 1594293135
Automatic Smart Matches™ with millions
of family trees

image 5 1594293147
Automatic Record Matches for your
family tree

<image 6 1594293161
13.1 billion international historical records
are available for you

image 7 1594293175
Unlimited family tree size

image 8 1594293187
Advanced DNA features

image 9 1594293199
Priority customer support via phone and
email 24/7

With the MyHeritage Complete plan, you’ll enjoy all of the tools and technologies that MyHeritage has to offer to get you started on a meaningful journey of discovery. MyHeritage’s new Deep Nostalgia™ feature — which animates the faces in photos — has become an internet sensation! You’ll be able to see your ancestors like never before, explore your family history in 13.1 billion historical records, grow and enrich your family tree, and gain new insights about your heritage.

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Hurry up! For a limited time, every Genealogy Bargains follower can get a one-year Complete subscription for only $149. Grab this deal before it’s gone!

Save 50% on MyHeritage Complete and make some REAL PROGRESS with your family history research! MyHeritage is offering a special discount on its annual Complete Plan price EXCLUSIVELY to friends of Genealogy Bargains. MyHeritage is one of the fastest growing genealogy sites and the best place to build your family tree, with historical collections including billions of records. This special offer will give you EVERYTHING on MyHeritage for the lowest price.

*Offer valid for NEW MyHeritage subscribers only, valid through 04/19/2021.

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