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Trying to confirm those family stories of Native American heritage? Check out the Native American Genealogy Premium Bundle at Family Tree Magazine and save 68% on the help you need!

Want to Confirm that Family Story about Native American Heritage? Here’s How to Get Answers and SAVE at Family Tree Magazine!

Save 68% on the Native American Genealogy Premium Bundle at Family Tree Magazine! “Do you have Native American ancestry? If you think you have Native American heritage but you don’t know how to prove it, and you want to learn more about your Native family history, this kit is for you! This collection of video courses and research guides provides the essential information you’ll need to know to find and search records for Native American ancestors, understand naming patterns and traditions, and discover a rich cultural heritage.”

You’ll Love the Native American Genealogy Premium Bundle if:

  • you may have Native American ancestors
  • you have Native American family, but don’t know how to prove it
  • you want to learn naming patterns and traditions that could affect your Native American genealogy research

Native American Genealogy Premium Bundle You’ll Learn:

  • specific records to explore to trace Native American ancestors
  • how to understand American Indian spellings and meanings of names
  • how to find Native American records on
  • how to search for a Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw or Seminole ancestor in the Dawes Rolls
  • key historical background relevant to your genealogy research
  • what info about your Native American ancestors you can realistically expect to find
  • how to refine your searches to return accurate results

Native American Genealogy Premium Bundle Includes:

  • Native American Genealogy On-Demand Crash Course (Web Seminar Download): Get a crash course in Native American genealogy research with this hour-long recorded course. You’ll learn what strategies and techniques you can use to research and confirm American Indian ancestry, and gain insight into the histories and cultural backgrounds relevant to your research.
  • Native American DNA (Web Seminar Download): Do you have an “Indian princess” in your family’s past? DNA testing can dispel the myths about Native American ancestry and reveal your real tribal connections. Let a DNA expert explain native history and how it affects the possible answers awaiting in your DNA. Learn how to find your native line by combining traditional genealogy with cutting-edge DNA technology, and explore the different types of DNA testing.
  • A Genealogist’s Guide to Native American Names (eBook): What’s in a name? A lot more than you think! This comprehensive guide to Native American first names-presented in a dictionary-style format-provides fundamental information on American Indian naming traditions and patterns, a name pronunciation guide, and details on the meanings of American Indian names.
  • American Indian Genealogy Cheat Sheet (Download): The American Indian Genealogy Cheat Sheet helps you research Native American ancestors with essential history; tips for finding old records; charts of major Indian tribes; best websites, books and other resources, and more.
  • Digging into the Dawes Rolls Home Study Course (Video Download): If your American Indian ancestors were Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw or Seminole, there’s a good chance they were accepted by the Dawes Commission. Discover how to search for someone in the Dawes Rolls, and what great information you might uncover.
  • Navigate Native American Records on (Video Download): With resources relatively hard to come by, investigating American Indian roots can be a struggle. But with the recent addition of more than 3 million land allotments, marriage certificates, citizenship documents and other historical records to, you’ll soon be saturated with Native American genealogy information.
  • Proving Your Native American Ancestry Home Study Course (Video Download): Have family folklore touting tales of Native American ancestry? Do your cousins contend that a Cherokee or Chippewa princess resides in the family tree? Give these claims credibility in our intro to Indian genealogy.
  • American Indian Genealogy Guide (Download): Learn about essential resources to trace your family’s tribal ties in this guide by James W. Warren and Sharon DeBartolo Carmack.


Shop now and save 68% on Native American Genealogy Premium Bundle*! No promo code needed, items priced as marked, sale valid through November 30th, 2018.

Shop now and save 68% on Native American Genealogy Premium Bundle*! No promo code needed, items priced as marked, sale valid through November 30th, 2018. Click HERE to save – via Family Tree Magazine

*No coupon code necessary. Prices are as marked. Sale ends November 30, 2018 at 11:59 pm MT. Sale excludes live courses, subscriptions, gift cards, bundles, kits, and third-party products. Other exclusions may apply. Not valid with other offers.


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