Save 89% on Planning a Future for Your Family’s Past ebook at Amazon

Save 89% on Planning a Future for Your Family's Past: How to organize your genealogy materials, make decisions about your collection, and pass what you know to future generations ebook

How Secure Is Your Family History? Author Marian Burk Wood Offers Advice on Planning a Future for Your Family’s Past

Save 89% on Planning a Future for Your Family’s Past: How to organize your genealogy materials, make decisions about your collection, and pass what you know to future generations ebook via Amazon! “Keep your family’s past alive to pass to future generations! Old photos, genealogical documents, ancestors’ stories, and artifacts are vital to understanding your family’s past—and they belong to your family’s future. This concise step-by-step guide will show you how to organize and pass your genealogy collection and family history to the next generation. Follow the PASS Process: (1) Prepare by organizing materials, (2) Allocate ownership, (3) Set up a genealogical “will,” (4) Share with heirs. Whether you’re new to genealogy or have years of experience, you’ll find practical ideas and learn how to: sort your genealogy collection into logical categories . . . safely store and label your materials . . . inventory and index for new insights . . . decide what to keep and what to give away . . . write instructions for your collection’s future . . . and bring family history alive now. Includes sample forms and links to online resources to help you put a personalized PASS plan into action.”

From the Author

Did you inherit a genealogical mess? I inherited a hodgepodge of family photos, letters, and other assorted items in battered cardboard boxes. My husband’s family left a similarly diverse jumble of photos, diaries, WWII memorabilia, and notes.

These boxes were rarely opened until I really got interested in family history. It was 1998, when the genealogist of my mother’s generation asked me a basic question: “What do you know about your father’s family?” Not much, as it turns out. That’s when I started getting my collection organized so I could hunt for clues that would help me trace my family tree. And as I learned something new about my ancestors, I shared their stories with other relatives to bring the family’s history alive.

I hope this book gives you ideas and inspiration to organize your genealogy collection, get relatives interested in your family’s past, and safeguard your materials for the sake of future generations.

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