Save Up to 50% on Photo Scanning at Larsen Digital

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Home Movies? Audio Tapes? Disc Negatives? Vinyl Records? You Name It, Larsen Digital Can Scan It!

I’ve been working with Larsen Digital for over two years now and I can’t wait to stop by their booth at RootsTech later this month to catch up on their latest scan projects. I always ask “Have you received any bizarre scan requests lately?” and despite what people want scanned, Larsen Digital seems to be able to do it!

Why Larsen Digital is Different

“Larsen Digital caters to the individual order, we know that one size does not fit all.  That is why we offer many customizable choices so that you get exactly what you need and want.

We also don’t want you to pay for something you don’t have or don’t want, which is why we don’t offer tiered packages.  You only pay for what you send in, unlike the tiered packaged companies.

We also do all our own work right in the USA.  We don’t outsource our media to a third party company located outside the USA.  You can call our office and speak to the people are who are actually handling your order.

Although we are a small company, we are a trusted source by big organizations like NASA, and that is because we don’t cut corners when digitizing your precious family memories. We focus on high quality professional transfers at a low cost.”

Larsen Digital: Save up to 50% on photo scanning at Larsen Digital with promo code THOMAS!

Save Up to 50% on Photo Scanning at Larsen Digital

If you don’t feel you have the right scanner (or the right skill set) to scan photos yourself, why not send them in to Larsen Digital? I know the prospect sounds scary, but I’ve never had a problem mailing in my photos and receiving the originals back from Larsen Digital. Here’s a way to save up to 50% on photo scanning at Larsen Digital with promo code THOMAS!

  • 300 DPI = regularly 30¢ each, now just 14¢ each
  • 600 DPI = regularly 45¢ each, now just 29¢ each

Click HERE to get started. Want to know more about the process of preparing your photos, shipping and receiving your digital files? Check out the video below:

Save 10-15%* on Other Scanning Services at Larsen Digital

Besides photo scanning, Larsen Digital can scan items such as film negatives, home movies, VHS tapes (and BetaMax too!), Audio tapes and even Vinyl Records!

Use promo code THOMAS10 to take 10% Off on:

  • 35mm Slides
  • 35mm Negatives
  • Stereo Slides
  • Large Format 4×5 Film
  • 126 Slide & Negative
  • 127 Format Slide
  • APS Film
  • Medium Format 120/220
  • 110 Slide & Negative

Use promo code THOMAS15 to take 15% Off on:

  • Movie Film
  • Video Tapes
  • Audio Tapes
  • Audio Reels
  • Vinyl Records
  • Photos
  • Scrapbook Pages

Click HERE to get started and don’t forget you can always call Larsen Digital at 800-776-8357 for help . . . and don’t forget to mention your promo codes to save!

*Sale valid through February 12th, 2019. 10-15% off will be deducted from the conversion costs of slides, negatives, photos, video tapes, movie film & audio transfer services. Discount does not apply to hard drive or thumb drive purchases. Can not be combined with other coupon codes or discounts.

Get a Free Sample Scan at Larsen Digital

Take Larsen Digital’s customer service and its scanning services for a test drive. Click HERE to learn how you can get 5 Slides, 1 Negative Strip or 5 Photos scanned for free!

Still Not Convinced About Larsen Digital?

This week we sat down with the folks at Larsen Digital, one of the premier digital scanning companies in the United States, and got answers to a wide variety of questions about having family memories digitized and preserved!

Well I’ve laid out all the evidence I can about these amazing services at Larsen Digital and why you should consider using them for your next scanning project.

For more information, please check out the following:


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