Do Genealogists Still Use USB Flash Drives? YES and They’re On SALE!

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Why You Should ALWAYS Have a USB Flash Drive in Your Genealogy Toolbox!

I just returned home from RootsTech last night and I am still recovering from an AMAZING week of DNA, genealogy, and family history. With attendees from the United States and 39 other countries, the expo hall was FILLED with many different types of technology. And the Family History Library had extended hours, closing as late as 11:00 pm some days!

One thing I noticed is that many people had USB flash drives either on a lanyard around their next, or stored in their tech bag. You might think that with cloud storage and wireless technology these storage devices are outdated and not in use, but that is NOT the case at all. I still have a variety of USB flash drives and I use them all the time as part of my data storage and data backup plan.

Tips on Using a USB Flash Drive for Genealogy Research

Tips on Using a USB Flash Drive for Genealogy Research

Here are my best tips on getting the most out of a USB Flash Drive when using them for genealogy and family history research:

  • Faster is NOT Always Better! Yes most of the new USB flash drives use the 3.0 technology ensuring faster uploads and downloads. However, the best deals on these drives can be found with USB 2.0 technology.
  • Password Protect your USB flash drive! To protect your data in case your USB flash drive is lost, add a password for access.
  • Make sure you place your name and email address (and cell phone number) on a small label on the USB flash drive. This way if you leave it in a computer at a library or repository, you’ll more likely to have it returned to you!
  • Add an IF FOUND text file! Another method of ensuring you’ll receive your lost USB flash drive back, is to create a .txt file named _IF_FOUND.txt. In the file enter your contact information.
  • Create a Genealogy Research Toolbox on your USB flash drive! Create a list of your most frequently used URLs for research and also store PDF articles and books on your flash drive.
  • Store family history slide shows! Sort of how your crazy uncle always had old vacation slides ready for an after-dinner show . . . you can share your genealogy research with friends and family! Most new Smart TVs have USB ports allowing you to show photos, videos and more!

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