Ways to Stream The Genetic Detective ONLINE!

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Want to stream a recent episode of The Genetic Detective? Here’s how PLUS learn how you can use YOUR DNA test results to solve cases!

Here's how to watch ABC's “The Genetic Detective” online and how you can use your own DNA test data to help solve criminal cold cases!

Did you catch the last night’s episode of The Genetic Detective on the ABC network? The Phantom of Ramsey Street is an amazing episode with genetic genealogist CeCe Moore helping with a series of unsolved rapes in Fayetteville, North Carolina   If not, you will DEFINITELY want to see the entire episode! These days with various online streaming options for television shows, as well as Internet TV packages such as AT&T uVerse and Hulu, it can be difficult to figure out how to view shows online!  Here are the options that I’ve found!

Online Viewing Options for The Genetic Detective

There are various options for watching The Genetic Detective both online during the live television broadcast as well as after an episode has aired.

  • Watch The Genetic Detective on ABC Online: You can now watch recorded episodes of The Genetic Detective  on the ABC website! You may need to wait up to a week to see the current episode, but past episodes are available. Click HERE to see all past episodes!
  • Watch The Genetic Detective on Hulu: You can live stream The Genetic Detective on Hulu Live TV and watch past episodes.


Leverage the Power of Your DNA Test Results to Solve Cold Case Crimes

How does The Genetic Detective do it? Here’s a peak at the crime solving process…

The process of using DNA evidence – some of which was collected 20 or more years ago – to help solve case crimes is NOT magic, but there isn’t an “easy button” either. So how does CeCe Moore and other genetic genealogists do it?

Actually it is the same way genealogists research their family history: look at the data, analyze and evaluate the evidence, and then make a conclusion. The bulk of what genetic detectives do is to create family trees and put the pieces together. From a recent article in the Seattle Times: “We’re reverse-engineering the identity of the suspect based on the family tree of people sharing DNA with him. Instead of going backward in time to find long-deceased ancestors, we’re flipping the tree upside down … and coming forward in time trying to find living descendants of those ancestors.”

So how does YOUR DNA test data come into play on some of these crimes? Keep in mind that DNA sleuthers are not looking for crimes that YOU may have committed, but it could be a very distant relative, like a 2nd or 3rd cousin, who could help bring resolution. In addition, your data could just as easily help EXCLUDE a suspect as well as help identify human remains.

None of these solutions are possible without DNA test data submitted to sites such as the DNASolves database. The more results available, the easier it is to create these family trees and determine the circumstances surrounding a crime.

For more information, read Your DNA Could Catch a Criminal, a recent article featured in the Wall Street Journal discussing how DNA test results are being used to solve a variety of cases.

DNASolves: Solving Crimes with DNA

Successfully solving a cold case relies upon finding matches to genetic relatives. Without matches, there is little that can be done, no matter how skilled a genealogist or investigator is. However, even the most distant genetic relatives (sometimes 4th  cousins and beyond) can provide the critical missing link in a family tree that helps name a victim or identify a perpetrator in a crime. Anyone of us could be the steppingstone to solving the next case that has gone cold.

Upload Your DNA Data NOW at DNASolves.com

Upload Your DNA Data at DNASolves.com

DNASolves is a database used for solving crimes. Anyone can contribute their data to help investigators identify victims, find missing persons, and reveal perpetrators of violent crimes. Unlike genealogy databases, you DNA data and personal information are never publicly searchable or shared. However if your DNA data matches an unknown profile, it can be used to help identify the unknown profile.

DNA Solves is a law enforcement only search database built with volunteer’s samples. This means that while anyone with results from most testing companies can donate their personal DNA test results only law enforcement and the genealogy teams they work with can search the database. This provides a high level of privacy for those who donate.

  • Click HERE to join the DNA Solves site.
  • Click the Contribute My DNA Data button on the next page.
  • Once you have read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, check the box to indicate you have. If you are helping someone else donate their results, please be sure they fully understand both policies.
  • Select your DNA results file from your computer.
  • Create a profile by filling in your username, email address, and password.
  • Click the Register button to finish creating your account.
  • Once uploaded, you will need to check your email for a message asking you to confirm your email address. Once you have done that, you can go to the DNA Solves Dashboard to finish filling out your background information.
  • From the Dashboard, you can fill in your name, your birth date, and the names of your biological parents.


For many, watching The Genetic Detective is more than just entertainment. This fascinating show combines advanced crime solving techniques, with the science of genetics and DNA, to bring closure to families in pain. Here’s another way you can help: upload your own DNA test data at DNASolves and know that it could be used as a valuable tool to solve criminal cold cases. Also know that you’ve also given comfort and closure to another family.

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