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MyHeritage DNA Promo Codes – July 2023

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EXTENDED! MyHeritage Summer DNA Sale just $39 USD!

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MyHeritage DNA Promo Codes and FREE SHIPPING!

Save $50 USD on MyHeritage DNA during the MyHeritage Summer DNA Sale! This is the same autosomal DNA test kit as AncestryDNA and other major DNA vendors!  BONUS! Purchase 2 or more MyHeritage DNA test kits and standard shipping is FREE! Sale extended through July 30th, 2023.  VIEW DETAILS

Special Free Shipping Promo Code!

Use promo code TOPDNA2023 at checkout to get FREE SHIPPING ... a $12.95 USD value!

Use promo code TOPDNA2023 at checkout to get FREE SHIPPINGa $12.95 USD value!

*Note: Sale valid through Sunday, July 30, 2023. Standard shipping is FREE with purchase of two (2) MyHeritage DNA test kits.

Why wait until November to take advantage of Black Friday prices when you can embark on a journey of discovery right now? Summer is the season of reconnections and new adventures, making it the perfect time to explore your roots and bring your family closer.

The MyHeritage DNA test kits make for an extraordinary gift at family reunions or annual summer visits. They offer your loved ones the chance to unlock their ancestry, find distant relatives, or simply verify age-old family stories. This isn’t just a gift—it’s an opportunity for enlightening revelations and strengthened family bonds.

Our DNA test is a simple and enjoyable process that everyone can partake in. With a quick swab of the inner cheek, you can unveil a wealth of knowledge about your family’s past within weeks. Discover your ethnic origins, identify new relatives, and add richness to your family history research.

What is ancestry DNA testing and how does it work?

Ancestry DNA testing basically takes a bit of your DNA from the cells of your body (usually from a saliva sample or cheek swab), analyzes its unique sequences, and compares those sequences to those of other people to learn about your genetic makeup.

DNA tests give you two things:

  • A rough estimate of your ethnic makeup: insight into where your ancestors came from; and
  • A list of people in the same database whose DNA matches yours and are therefore likely your relatives.

Taking a DNA test usually works like this: you order a DNA test kit from the DNA company or purchase it from a retailer, use the kit to collect a DNA sample, and send the sample to the lab using the instructions provided. The lab analyzes your sample and when your results are ready, the testing company emails you a link to view your results online.

Why Test with MyHeritage DNA?

I took my first DNA heritage test back in 2008 when AncestryDNA was still in “beta” testing and I’ve written numerous articles and e-books on how to get the most out of personal DNA testing for genealogy research.

Many of my followers look to me for recommendations on a variety of products and services, including ancestry DNA test kits. You’ll always get the latest, up-to-date information from me in easy-to-understand terminology and an action plan for you to get started on your own DNA testing journey.

Navigating the myriad of DNA test kits so that you select the best one for your research can be daunting. There are so many factors to consider and most DNA test kits and tools look alike. I’m here to help you pick the BEST DNA TEST for your goals and needs and get it at the BEST PRICE.

Advanced DNA tools

Let’s face it… one of the most challenging aspects of taking a DNA test is getting the most out of the DNA data especially if you want to use it to further your genealogy research. All three major DNA test sites – AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, and MyHeritage – offer tools to help you find DNA matches as well as sort and filter results. But some tools are easier to use and can help you reach your research goal faster than others.

MyHeritage stands out. It offers the most comprehensive set of advanced DNA tools, including the One-to many Chromosome Browser allowing you to compare triangulated DNA with up to 7 DNA matches; AutoClusters, organizes your DNA Matches into clusters of matches that likely share a common ancestor; and Theory of Family Relativity™, which analyzes millions of data points from family tree profiles and historical records to create easy-to-follow and accurate theories about how your matches might be related to you. Ancestry does offer a few interesting tools as well, such as SideView™, which tells you which parent you inherited your ethnicity results from; ThruLines® identifies ancestors you might share with a DNA Match; and DNA Circles, similar to MyHeritage’s AutoClusters.

Privacy and MyHeritage

MyHeritage is the only company that has placed an explicit commitment in their privacy policy to never sell or share users’ data. President and founder of FamilyTreeDNA, Bennett Greenspan, has made a verbal commitment to that effect, but as of yet it hasn’t entered the company’s privacy policy. The Ancestry website does claim on their website that they won’t sell your personal data but admits that they will share it with certain entities under certain circumstances and doesn’t explicitly commit to getting your consent under these circumstances.

MyHeritage DNA Promo Codes

DNA Bargains at always has the best discounts and latest VALID promo codes to save you money!

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