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Tag: Black Friday

Black Friday each year offers a chance to snag HUGE DEALS on DNA test kits, genealogy subscriptions like and more! The “Turkey Five” runs from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday – a five day period.  Often you will see sales listed as Cyber Weekend or just Black Friday sales.

So, the Cyber Weekend sales on DNA test kits have some of the lowest prices ever! If you are planning on purchasing a DNA test kit for yourself, as a gift, several tests for family members, or have a specific testing need, here is the best strategy as you navigate all the Black Friday offers on DNA.

While this might be a matter up for discussion, keep in mind that there are many “fly by night” or disreputable companies jumping on the bandwagon. You don’t want to spend good money on a test and not get results useful for genealogical research.

All of the “Big Five” vendors offer legitimate, well-reviewed and reliable DNA test kits for personal use. In addition, these vendors work with the various genealogy and family history communities and listen to their research needs. Their test data can be downloaded and in most cases uploaded to other DNA sites. These vendors also, for the most part, offer matching with other customers who have tested their DNA.

Ancestry US

  • AncestryDNA Summer Sale – Save up to 75%!
    AncestryDNA Summer Sale – Save up to 75%!

    AncestryDNA Summer Sale – Save up to 75% AncestryDNA Summer Sale: Some of the LOWEST PRICES EVER on AncestryDNA during the AncestryDNA Summer Sale!  Get the basic AncestryDNA test kit…

  • MyHeritage Summer DNA Sale
    MyHeritage Summer DNA Sale

    MyHeritage SUMMER DNA Sale … only $39 USD! MyHeritage Summer DNA Sale: Save big on MyHeritage DNA during the MyHeritage Summer DNA Sale! This is the same autosomal DNA test kit as…

  • AMAZON PRIME DAY DNA DEALS! Save Up to 67% More!
    AMAZON PRIME DAY DNA DEALS! Save Up to 67% More!

    Amazon Prime Day DNA DEALS! Save up to 67% or more on 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and FamilyTreeDNA  Amazon Prime Day DNA DEALS! If you’ve been waiting for a great sale on…