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Which is the Best DNA Test Kit to Purchase?

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Don’t waste your money on a DNA test that doesn’t meet your genealogy research goals!

Don't waste your money on a DNA test that doesn't meet your genealogy research goals!

Again, each person has specific needs when it comes to DNA testing and there are many factors to consider.  Here is the recommended strategy for different types of consumers:

  • Anyone interested in family history should first purchase an AncestryDNA test. With over 25 million users available for matching, AncestryDNA is the best-selling DNA test kit. More importantly, you cannot upload DNA test data from other programs to Ancestry, so you will need to use their site for matching. You can, however, download the AncestryDNA test data and upload it to other sites such as  MyHeritage DNA and FamilyTreeDNA.
  • Anyone interested in using a DNA test to understand health issues should purchase a 23andMe test. 23andMe is the only DNA test kit vendor with health reports that are approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). If you want to use other 3rd party health testing websites, export your 23andMe test data and import it to those sites.
  • Purchase advanced tests at FamilyTreeDNA. This is a “no brainer” since FamilyTreeDNA really is the only vendor selling specific types of tests for multiple markers.  Remember to check your testing needs! Some of the tests such as Y-37, Y-111, Big Y-700 tests are intended for male testing subjects ONLY. Make sure you do not waste your money on a test you cannot use!
  • FamilyTreeDNA and MyHeritage DNA use the same lab, so which to choose? Both tests are usually sale priced in the $39 USD to $59 USD range when on sale and they do, in fact, get processed at the same lab. FamilyTreeDNA and  MyHeritage DNA provide basic matching services to DNA testers. FamilyTreeDNA currently charges a $19 USD fee to get added features (including Chromosome Browser, myOrigins, and ancientOrigins) if you want to upload DNA test data from another vendor. MyHeritage basic DNA data uploads are free which allows for DNA matching. However, to unlock added features (ethnicity estimate, chromosome browser, trees of DNA matches, shared DNA matches, shared ethnicities, and shared ancestral places), there is a $29 USD charge.  MyHeritage DNA is a better choice if your ethnic background is euro-centric since many of its users are based in Europe and you will find better matches at MyHeritage.
  • If you are testing older relatives, go with a swab test not a spit test. Your best bet is to avoid 23andMe and AncestryDNA, which use a spit test since many older people have trouble producing enough saliva for the test. Use FamilyTreeDNA as well as MyHeritage DNA, which require two swab samples, and one is kept on file for future use.
  • If you are purchasing in bulk, use MyHeritage DNA. With occasional special sale prices of just $39 USD for MyHeritage DNA, these tests are perfect for family reunions and get-togethers.  Also, when purchasing in bulk, look for the special shipping incentives.

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