Facebook: A Tool for Genealogy Research

Facebook: A Tool for Genealogy Research

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Length: Lecture format – 60 minutes; Workshop format – 90-120 minutes

Description: While Facebook is the world’s largest online social network with more than 1.2 billion users, did you know that it can be leveraged as a genealogy research “work horse” to help find your ancestors?

In this session you’ll go beyond the basics of setting up a Facebook account and simply posting status updates or playing games. The class focus is on developing the following skill set for genealogy research:

  • Using the Search function to locate living relatives and others researching your same surnames.
  • Locating Facebook Groups and Pages related to your genealogy research, especially geographical locations and specific ethnic groups, as well as surname groups.
  • Creating a Facebook Group to facilitate collaboration and participant interaction around a specific genealogy topic such as a Surname Group or a One Place Study Group.
  • Creating a Facebook Page to advertise a genealogy society, an event and more.
  • Understanding the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group and why you might use one instead of the other as well as when it is best to use both.
  • Protecting your privacy and ensuring an enjoyable Facebook experience when researching genealogy.

Audience Level: Intermediate.

Content: 8 pages.


  • Facebook Overview
  • Using Facebook’s Search Function for genealogy
  • Using Facebook Content for Genealogy
  • Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups – What is the difference?
  • Using Facebook Groups for genealogy research
  • Creating and running a Facebook Group
  • Using Facebook Pages for genealogy research
  • Creating and running a Facebook Page
  • Understanding Privacy on Facebook
  • Resource List

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